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Morgins, in the heart of the Swiss Alps and 
the Gates of the Sun



































Yoga through awareness can be the vehicle to acknowledging yourself and you greatest potential. Walking your own individual path with a clear vision promotes freedom of choice as well as giving a direction to time. 

I believe that each person is already empowered and has within them the answers to their own individual questions. 


Life will give us challenges, but if we have the tools and resources to continually follow our true path and keep positive attitude, the significance of the obstacle can be diminished. Being the director of your own life creates purpose and flow. Living in the present, being in the now, and having the confidence to follow your true is the most meaningful and decisive reality that you can own.


Feel Move Feel is a unique combination of dynamic movements that will stimulate circulation and increase energy levels, as well as, restorative postures that will encourage relaxation and induce calm and ease.


Yoga as you are is a concept that embraces the divine self, allowing you to discover and follow your own

unique journey without judgment.

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